Brimfield's Premier Show

Brimfield Auction Acres - Birthplace of the Brimfield Rush!

Birthplace of the Brimfield Show Phenomenon!

The field that started it all. " If you miss this show, you've missed the essence of Brimfield" Dealers and Collectors alike hail the quality of the Original Auction Acres Field- 35 Main



May 17 & 18

July 12 & 13

Sept. 6 & 7

Onsite Public Parking

Friday & Saturday Opening at 8am

Admission $5- Friday/ No entry admission Sat. Parking $10

We look forward to the opportunity to allow both our vendors and shoppers experience the essence of the Brimfield Antique Show!

Hope to see you all soon!!


Brimfield Auction Acres is pleased to provide the following
amenities to it’s exhibitors and guests:

  • Quality Food Provider onsite.
  • Clean facilities. Winery onsite entices additional traffic.
  • Caring onsite staff/family, dedicated to your success.
  • Lighted Field- Info area manned 24 hours
  • Public Parking onsite.
  • Dealers park free. (2 vehicles per space)
  • Tour bus free parking. Overnight and large trailer parking available.
  • Pet Friendly

Auction Acres is pleased to announce Brimfield's newest show:


May 14, 2024
July 09, 2024
Sept. 3, 2024

Unpack it, sell it, carry on...

The Auction Acre Experience

Why Sell here? Why Shop here?

Recently Recognized the “Grand Daddy of them All” Nationally in Flea Market Magazine; Also touted as “The High-end of Brimfield” (Flea Market flip won’t be visiting our field to pick up goods to refurbish, but you still might find a few of the cast shopping off camera for their own homes, Oh well, still love the show!)

The Birthplace of the Brimfield Antique Shows has continued to uphold its quest for quality, inspiring collectibles and Vintage wear. Open only two days during the week of the shows (Fri & Sat) You’ll find the merchandise unpicked and the quality to be second to none. “If you miss Auction Acres, you missed the Essence of Brimfield”

For the dealer, the family works for your success. For the buyer, whether you are a professional designer or serious collector, you will not leave underwhelmed. (or empty handed)